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CONNECT . THE . DOTS is a behind the scenes look at the creation and performance of new compositions. Documented in real time by the individuals involved, the project unfolds as a chronological blog that is organized and annotated in order to allow anyone to become part of the process, from planning to premiere. Beyond just documenting, the project aims to engage visitors of all backgrounds and abilities in one conversation in order to enrich the listening experience and empower other artists to replicate or expand upon the work done.


The first iteration of CONNECT . THE . DOTS was created by composer Aleksandr Brusentsev in 2014 as part of his master's thesis at the Royal Academy of Music. That project looked at the creation of four solo works written for four collaborators: Tanya Sweiry (violin), Jonathan Farey (horn), Anne Denholm (harp), and Imogen Hancock (trumpet). 


This iteration of the project, which is made possible by a grant from the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation, will follow the creation of a new concerto across three continents as conductor Toby Thatcher (Sydney, Australia) and trumpeter Imogen Hancock (London, UK) join Aleksandr  (Twin Cities, MN, USA) to develop, prepare, and perform this new work.


The concerto will be premiered in London by Imogen, Toby, and Ensemble Eroica. Concert tickets and info can be found here.

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